Making a difference, one treat at a time!

Cottage foods and other bakery goods, made homemade, just for you, with LOVE!

"Baking with love to create smiles, warmth, friends and an eagerness for more...well, that's accomplishment."

Chef Roxie

Our Humble Home Bakery

Everything is made with LOVE! This is a photo from our open house on March 6, 2017. My daughter, who is also one of our junior chefs, couldn't wait for the festivities to start. She had to have a slice of banana bread! And that's what we're all about...making good tasting desserts that warm the heart and soul!

Please visit our online store to order some of the best tasting bakery delights in town. 

To place an order by phone, call us at, 612-568-2330.


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